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I went to see the movie a few moments ago, so I'm reviewing it with the impression I still have, and the movie is... is entertaining, is not a great movie, but is a mosters movie, you don't see them to expect the meanig of life of something like that.

I say is entertaining because the movie is because none of the characters is made to feel identifies with them, or at least worry about them, and it has sense because, at least I don't expect to see the actors (or characters) in any of the future movies of this Monsterverse.

In case some of you didn't know, Warner and Legendary Pictures are doing a cinematic universe similar to Marvel's but of giant monsters, this started with "Godzilla (2014)" and continues with "Kong: Skull Island", and for the future we'll have "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and "Godzilla vs King Kong". I find really weird to have a cinematic universe of monsters that doesn't belong to the same company, or country.

I must say that what I find more exciting was the post-credits scene, really, stay there after the movie to see it. But after to see it, even when exciting, the impact could have been bigger if this movie was released before Godzilla, that wuld have blow our minds.

One thing that the producers will need to watch carefully is how Monarch perceive the monsters, in Godzilla 2014, Serizawa ) I think that's his name) says that he sees Godzilla as the one who restore balance, but here, the monsters are seen as a menace for mankind. This movie is placed in 1973, and Godzilla (2014) in 2014, so for the future movies, Monarch should see Godzilla and Kong as allies, not enemies, because they should happen after Godzilla (2014), if not, they'll be ripping the storyline of a serie of Godzilla comcis that were launched some years ago, where human fights against the monsters, finishing with all of them (except Godzilla of course), and they discover late that the monsters were the only ones who could defend them from an allien invasion... weird, but is a Godzilla plot, what did you expect?
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Submitted on
March 11